Virtual Reality Therapy: smarter, faster and better

With Corpus VR, you assist clients in rehabilitating in a fun and innovative way. Our Virtual Reality treatments are applicable in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and neurotherapy.

By incorporating Virtual Reality in healthcare, you enhance the intrinsic motivation of your clients. As a result, they will practice more frequently and recover faster. Discover for yourself why Corpus VR has been awarded as the best VR therapy multiple times!

Let's play to heal.

Corpus VR: Training in Virtual Reality

Rehabilitating and doing exercises every day. This is often boring and challenging. Not surprisingly, 76% of people do not complete their therapy. 

Corpus VR helps them to recover in an innovative and above all fun way. Virtual reality games and worlds increase intrinsic motivation. People exercise more often, perform their exercises better and recover faster. 

The fact that Virtual Reality works has been scientifically proven in multiple studies. And the Corpus VR modules have been developed together with physiotherapists, knowledge centers, and hospitals and have been proven effective.

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Virtual Therapy in various treatments

Corpus VR’s virtual therapy can be utilized by rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and in neurotherapy. We focus on three application areas: virtual reality for physical conditions, mental health issues, and neurological disorders.

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Physical complaints

For example neck, back, and knee complaints, rehabilitation after an injury, headaches, or Long Covid.


Mental complaints

For example stress, anxiety, prolonged fatigue, burnout, or chronic pain.

Neurological disorders

For example stroke, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury or hernia.





Through gamification with smart sensors, you can train with your clients in an even more effective manner. Additionally, you receive instant feedback on their progress!


Your clients recover faster because VR treatment leads to higher therapy adherence.


The fact that Corpus VR leads to better outcomes for various complaints or conditions has been confirmed in multiple research studies.

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During our masterclasses you will experience the benefits of Virtual Reality in physio-, occupational-, en neurotherapy by yourself!
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The no.1 choice in Virtual Therapy

Corpus VR offers the most complete exercise environments, for simple to complex complaints within the 3 focus areas. For all complaints we provide clear guidance on how to use Corpus VR within your treatment protocol.

For whom is Virtual Reality therapy suitable?

VR headset therapy is suitable for multiple applications and sectors.

Primary Care

In the practice, on the go, or remotely with patients at home. Corpus VR can be used by independent therapists, physiotherapy practices, or occupational therapy practices.

Secondary Care

Additional training options, objective reporting, and time-saving. Corpus VR is ideal for clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and care homes. Taking pressure of healthcare professionals.


But even for regular businesses, Corpus VR can be used. Your employees are the key to a healthy company. Let your employees relax regularly in VR and prevent stress, fatigue, physical discomfort, or even burnout.

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What people are saying about Corpus VR?

Corpus VR Arm update

A milestone update for Corpus VR. Now with the new arm ROM and Magic Cauldron exercise for training reach and pronation and supination. Next to that incredible new functionality we’ve improved the visual quality of the videos. And the Flying Dragon exercise is now a proper 3D environment. Also we’ve added an exciting new VR streaming technology that is a foundation for important future updates!

Another important updated feature is the fact that you can now access the biofeedback data during every exercise! Get in touch if you want to know more about the update and how this could work for you!



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