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Corpus VR pro is a therapy platform for physio- and neurotherapy that can be used as a therapy for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and treating physical anxiety disorders. As a platform, accessible through an app, Corpus VR Pro holds a variety of therapeutic exercises for neck and shoulders.

It uses the strength of VR to focus the patient on their own goals by putting them in different game environments in which they play games, while the therapist controls the degree of difficulty and the patient-specific settings regarding the relaxation level (based on biofeedback research) and the muscle groups the patient needs to train. Therapists can monitor, coach and adjust intensity of the exercises real time. A third party accessory currently integrated on the platform is the Mindfield Biosystems® skin response sensor, that measure skin conductivity. This is an effective method to measure stress and relaxation. Adding other third party solutions are being investigated.

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Adding a new dimension to your treatment, also means new results for you, your practice and your clients. Corpus VR creates new opportunities:

More focused clients, because clients are completely immersed in the Virtual World, free from distractions.

Personalised programs for each patient, each session safely stored on a dedicated server for progress monitoring.

A better understanding of pain areas and progress because of the automated collection of data.

Corpus VR makes sure you don’t have to spend extra time on administration because our technology registers notes and movements automatically. Therefore, you can treat more clients!

Our products are experienced by therapists and scientists around the world!



“Corpus VR is a very interesting therapyplatform to extend our neurocognitive and physical rehabilitation program. Especially the mobile versions of VR applications. It allows us to use this technique in the very early stages of recovery (acute phase) as well in the normal rehabilitation stage (sub-acute phase).”

Lode Sabbe

Head occupational therapy department at University Hospital Ghent

“VR is for every type of client. They are all enthusiastic about VR even the people you would not expect it from. Everyone has fun when they use it and time flies once the therapy is started.”

Jelte Noordman

Physical Therapist at Fysiokracht

“Corpus VR gives the opportunity to measure, for example, ROM and circumduction and to explore progress after playing the games.”

Jan Pool

Researcher and Human Movement Scientist at University of Applied Sciences

"The main reason I believe in Corpus VR is engagement. The easier it is for a therapist to engage with the software, the more likely it is to use it continually. The more easier it is for the patient to engage; the more often the patient is going to use it and get the results he is looking for."

Kenneth Chillson

Doctor of chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropracic

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Meet our products!

Corpus VR is available in two flavours: Corpus VR Pro and Corpus VR Personal. Both products make use of virtual reality and the collection of data. Corpus VR Pro is used by therapists, whereas Corpus VR Personal is used by clients at home or work.

Learn more about the science and philosophy behind Corpus VR at inMotion VR


Corpus VR Pro

Meet Corpus VR Pro, a professional platform for physio- and neurotherapy. Corpus VR is intended for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and treating physical anxiety disorders. Corpus VR Pro holds a variety of therapeutic exercises for neck and shoulders. Unlike the ‘usual’ sessions, with Corpus VR Pro therapists can monitor and intervene therapy by measured pain areas!

Corpus VR Pro starts at € 145 a month per license. Hardware set starts at € 900.

Corpus VR Personal

With Corpus VR Personal you can do your exercises at home or work while the professional can monitor your progress. The gamified VR-worlds include exercises aimed at specific problem areas and neurologic aspects.

Use it to get rid of your neck problems and to help you cope with stress related problems.

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