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Are you a neuro therapist? an ergo therapist? a physio therapist? an innovation manager?

With Corpus VR you help patients rehabilitate in a fun and innovative way. Works for Physio, Occupational and Neuro therapy.

By using Virtual Reality games and worlds you increase intrinsic motivation, they exercise more often and recover faster.

Let's play to heal.

Corpus VR: Training in Virtual reality

Rehabilitating and doing exercises every day. This is often boring and challenging for patients. Not surprisingly, 76% of patients do not complete their therapy. 

Corpus VR helps patients to recover in an innovative and above all fun way. Virtual reality games and worlds increase intrinsic motivation. Patients exercise more often, perform their exercises better and recover faster. 

The fact that Virtual Reality works has been scientifically proven in  multiple studies. And the Corpus VR modules have been developed together with physiotherapists, knowledge centers, and hospitals and have been proven effective.

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3 Focus Areas

With our bio-psycho-social approach, Corpus VR is unique

If your client suffers from physical complaints as a result of structural complaints to the musculoskeletal system, (rehabilitation after) joint replacement, injuries and rheumatological disorders (such as rheumatism, fibromylagia). Behavioral complaints due to stress, burnout, coping and overload. Neurological due to congenital disorders, illness, accident brain injury… we got it covered.

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Physical complaints

Think of structural musculoskeletal complaints, rehabilitation after an injury or joint replacement or rheumatological complaints. The patient plays VR games at his or her own level, using motion sensors to track the correct execution of exercises and progress. The level of difficulty is constantly adjusted during the therapy so that it suits the patient’s capabilities.


Behavioral problems

Corpus VR also offers a solution for people with chronic pain, stress and anxiety or long-term fatigue. Sensors measure heart rate and heart rate variability. Immersed in the VR world, the patient learns to relax, tackle problems step by step and cope better with symptoms.

Neurological disorders

Those with brain injuries or neuromuscular disorders sometimes become more easily overstimulated or no longer use all their senses. In the VR world we train neuroplasticity, where other parts of the brain take over tasks such as seeing, feeling and experiencing. The patient also gradually learns to cope better with stimuli.





Using gamification in combination with smart sensors, Corpus VR offers an intelligent way of treating and training your patients. The system is flexible and runs on multiple hardware configurations which makes implementation within your setting a breeze. That is smart!


Your patients will recover more quickly as a result of Corpus VR. Why? Because they are more inclined to train in VR environments using our smart tailored approach. This results in a significantly higher rate of therapy adherence, which makes time fly by.


Corpus VR leads to great results, happy patients and empowered professionals. The VR environments are very intuitive and therefore give patients the trust they need to train in the right way. And with remote therapy, you can be there for your patients whenever nescessary, giving patients peace of mind.

More than 25 VR Therapy Environments for various complaints

Corpus VR offers the most complete excercise environ-ments, for simple to complex complaints within the 3 focus areas. For all complaints we provide clear guidance on how to use Corpus VR within your treatment protocol. This is a selection of treatable complaints and injuries.

Our products

Rehabilitation is not only done in the clinic or at the practice, but also at home or at work. That’s why we offer two variants of Corpus VR. The Pro and Personal variant. Patients can use both side by side to achieve the desired effects.
CorpusVR Experience Virtual Reality

Corpus VR Pro

The most advanced and complete package for primary care and rehabilitation centers.

Corpus VR Personal

Corpus VR Personal

Exercise independently or in collaboration with your therapist from home.

Corpus Connect

Never hassle with IT-maintenance of your Virtual Reality platform again.

Corpus VR Pro

With Corpus VR Pro you get the complete package for the professional.

The patient follows the therapy in the VR world, while feedback from sensors is reflected in the dashboard.

The software automatically adjusts the level of difficulty of the training. As a therapist, you can turn the knobs and make exercises more challenging or more accessible. The system also automatically keeps track of the patient’s progress.

Corpus VR Personal

You can also use Corpus VR at home or at work. Download the app on your smartphone and get all the modules.

Do you train independently? Then the software will automatically determine your level and adjust exercises.

If you work together with a therapist, they will receive all the progress and feedback in the dashboard. This way the therapist can see what’s going on, adjust exercises or prepare new ones for you.

Corpus Connect

Managing the software on your VR hardware can take quite a bit more time than you’d like.

Do you recognize that updates don’t come through immediately, or that you simply have a lot of devices to manage? Corpus Connect supports easily managing your systems by being able to remotely monitor and update all software.

This can be done in-house or with support from us. Either way. You have full control over your own VR hardware but also the convenience of automated management.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions & answers. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us.

A rehabilitation process is not pleasant at all. Endlessly repeating your exercises and constantly being confronted with your limits. It is quite a challenge to stay true to your therapy and finish it. That can be done differently! With Virtual Reality you can turn the rehab process into a game or into a relaxing environment. Without compromising on professionalism and scientific evidence.

For patients it is simply more fun to do exercises where they collect coins, slide penguins or navigate through a maze. They operate the games by moving their neck or wrist appropriately. In this way, they do their exercises while gaming. Virtual Reality can also be used as a distraction during painful treatments. Or bring patients into a very relaxing environment, where they learn to relax.

Because this form of rehabilitation is less boring – even fun – the intrinsic motivation to do the therapy more often and better grows. Patients are also completely immersed in the virtual world and therefore more focused. They recover better, faster and smarter. Scientific studies show that up to 30% fewer treatments are needed per session to achieve the same results.

We offer personalized practice worlds (modules) in three areas:

Physical , oa neck, back and knee pain, headaches, Long Covid

Behavioral, oa movement anxiety, stress, chronic pain, fatigue and burn-out/stress

Neurological, a.o. stroke, Parkinson, spinal cord injury and cervical disc

Aspects that Corpus VR treats include:

  • Mobility
  • Muscle tension and relaxation
  • Coordination
  • Stamina
  • Strength

inMotion VR, the parent company behind Corpus VR, was founded by Kiki Coppelmans and Gert-Jan Brok.

Kiki is a psychosomatic physiotherapist and brings her practical experience and scientific knowledge. Partner Gert-Jan has always built serious games and knows how to use VR to get people moving. Because both important parts are represented in a balanced way, Corpus VR is best of both worlds.

Corpus VR distinguishes itself from other solutions by the large number of modules, the high quality of the VR Games and the link to existing software and hardware.

All modules are developed in cooperation with scientific health institutions like Radboud UMC, Sint Maartenskliniek and Erasmus MC. Corpus VR has won several awards, including Best Virtual Reality Platform and the GHP Pharma and Healthcare Award.

Corpus VR works from a holistic approach with the biomedical and biopsychosocial model. The system measures the patient’s progress, sets up new exercises and makes the exercises more and more challenging. As a therapist you also have the possibility to adjust the difficulty level or choose other exercises. 

You will need: 

  • VR glasses
  • Tablet
  • Good wifi network


Corpus VR works on any VR glasses. So you make your own choice which one you purchase. We recommend you go for a really good variant, like the Pico G2 4K or Pico Neo3. These glasses are comfortable and easy to keep clean. In addition, they comply with privacy laws. 

You can also use your own smartphone and slide it into a headset like Bobo VR Z6. Your smartphone must run on Android or iOS. 

All necessary hardware can be purchased from us.

By offering Corpus VR you distinguish yourself as an innovative and modern therapist. You offer the best care possible, giving patients a platform that motivates them to follow their therapy better and more often. Even at home they can continue to ‘play’ in the exercise worlds and thus continue their therapy. In addition, Corpus VR provides you with all the data to measure and record the progress and effect of the therapy.

Once you have purchased a license, we make sure you get all the documentation and support to get started. It takes a maximum of two working days to implement Corpus VR. Also after implementation we are there to answer all your questions. We also share practical information, examples from other practices and white papers. So you can be well prepared with VR Therapy.

Yes you can! We would love to have you come and experience Corpus VR and learn how it works.

You can put on the VR glasses at the many events where we have a stand. Or request a demo. We can do this online or we can come and visit you.

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