Questions about Corpus VR?

Most frequently asked questions and answers about Corpus VR

Can I try out Corpus VR?

Absolutely! You can request an online or on-site demo. But you can also attend a workshop at one of our partners, like Enraf Nonius. For more information, please contact us.

As a therapist, do I need to buy my own VR headset?

No, as a therapist, you do not need to purchase a headset yourself. We offer a total ready to go package that includes the VR headset. But if you do want to use Corpus VR on your exisiting VR system, that is possible too.

Does a client have to bring their own VR headset?

No, in the therapeutic sessions you have with your client, you make use of the VR headset provided by us. Optionally, the client may use Corpus VR Personal to continue the exercises at home or at work. You can remotely monitor their progress via the dashboard.

How are the physio exercises personalised?

Our exercises focus on 3 focus areas. Physical complaints, behavioral issues and neurological disorders and they are completely personalised by keeping track of patients movements and/or biofeedback input like pulse. The exercises and environments adapt to that accordingly.

What treatments can I use Corpus VR for?

Corpus VR offers the most complete practice environments around within the 3 focus areas. Among others:

Physical: neck, back, and knee pain, headaches, Long Covid

Behavioral: movement anxiety, stress, chronic pain, fatigue and burn-out/stress

Neurological: stroke, Parkinson, spinal cord injury and cervical disc:

What seperates Corpus VR from other VR software?

We would say the unique combination of Kiki Coppelmans and Gert-Jan Brok that is the driving force behind the award winning Corpus VR. It is 100% build with passion and expertise.

Corpus VR distinguishes itself from other solutions by the large number of modules, the high quality of the VR Games and the link to existing software and hardware. 

What is the price of Corpus VR?

Corpus VR is available in several editions, including Basic, Teams, Enterprise and Educational. Actual prices can be obtained from us. You can find starting prices on our product page.

What requirements must I meet as a therapist?

There are no specific requirements. Corpus VR is made for and by experts, and we strive to ensure that our Corpus VR solution is the best and easiest to use, putting quality and usability first.

Is virtual reality really safe?

Yes, the VR headsets are lightweight and have had many years of development. It can be used by young and old and, because of its light weight, can also be used by clients with physical complaints. The new VR systems, which we also recommend, even provide automatic warnings when you go outside a safe area. So, as with other products, it is important to observe safety precautions.

I have another question!

Please browse the website, as you can find other answers there. And otherwise please contact our support department via the contact form on this website, e-mail at support@inmotionvr.com or via +31 85 888 2166