High Five Health Promotion wants to use Corpus VR structurally for employee health

Vitality services provider enthusiastic about Virtual Reality in relaxation, exercise and physiotherapy

After a successful eight-week pilot at a major sports goods manufacturer, vitality services provider High Five Health Promotion is extending its agreement with Corpus VR for that particular location for another year. Corpus VR is a VR therapy platform for physio, occupational, neurotherapy and relaxation developed by inMotion VR. High Five also plans to deploy the VR technology to promote employee health at other customer sites and for broader purposes.

Stefan Lipp Corpus VR
Stefan Lipp – Innovation Manager

According to High Five Health Promotion’s product and innovation manager Stefan Lipp, Corpus VR’s vision aligns perfectly with his company’s. “We believe that a healthy mind and body are the foundation of every super-employee. In our vitality services, which we deliver internationally, we are increasingly committed to innovation and we see opportunities for the application of virtual reality in this regard. Experience with Corpus VR in the field of physiotherapy has been very promising in the pilot phase and the response has been very positive. In the field of relaxation, more research and development is still needed to apply and roll it out within fitness programming, but the omens are positive. Corpus VR is therefore an excellent addition to our offering. ”

Rehabilitation and training for complaints can be tedious and painful, says Patrick Faber, business development manager at inMotion VR. “The process is often boring and repetitive and therefore difficult to maintain. Only one-fourth perform their exercises structurally, and 76% don’t. But by using virtual reality, you literally enter another world. You are cut off from the distractions around you and you can exercise in a safe and fun environment. More and more physiotherapists are therefore seeing the benefits of using VR in the treatment process.”

Healthy focus

High Five Health Promotion’s focus is on mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery, explains marketing and communications manager Thomas Zwanenburg. “Within these four application areas, we do a lot. From consultancy to help companies implement the best sports facilities to fully equipped corporate gyms at large companies. We also engage in health checks, seminars, coaching, workshops and offering corporate physio. We work for many government bodies and operate for the world’s biggest and most innovative brands. An innovative application like VR logically lands quite easily with the latter category.”

Sustainable employability

Corpus VR is not only suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, but precisely for stimulating movement, for relaxation and for preventing complaints, Faber emphasises. “Sustainable employability in the workplace is becoming increasingly important, offering a gym, sports facilities or physio is becoming more common as a fringe benefit. VR solutions can also play a role in employee health, as you can use them to reduce stress and the risk of burnout.”

Lipp shares that insight. “We therefore see opportunities for Corpus VR not only at the locations where we offer physio, but certainly also at other locations. And with other applications. Because even employees who have no complaints can benefit from Corpus VR because the solution is also excellent for relaxation and meditation. We are now leaving the pioneering phase and are going to capitalise on the long-term potential.”

About Corpus VR

Corpus VR is an exercise platform for physio-, occupational- and neurotherapy. It can be applied for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and relaxation. Within Corpus VR, a wide range of exercises targeting the head, neck, back and shoulders can be chosen from. The platform uses the power of Virtual Reality to allow the client to focus on their personal goals. This is done by placing the client in a game environment in which the exercises are performed. The therapist can monitor the exercises and intensity in real-time.

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