Corpus VR nominated for the National Healthcare Innovation Award

Regionale winnaar Nationale Zorginnovatieprijs 2024

The National Healthcare Innovation Award is the award for the most innovative enterprise in the scaling phase. Earlier, Corpus VR was already the regional winner of West Brabant in the Netherlands. Now, Corpus VR has been nominated as one of the eight national finalists.

Do you also want to vote for the best innovation for healthcare? You can do so via the website of the National Healthcare Innovation Award >>>

What makes Corpus VR so innovative?

The Healthcare Innovation platform aims to accelerate innovation in healthcare and welfare. That’s exactly what Corpus VR does: for example, the rehabilitation process becomes an extraordinary experience for patients, thanks to automated exercises in Virtual Reality (VR).

Why has Corpus VR come this far for this award? Kiki Coppelmans says, “For clients, virtual therapy is a significant step forward: even the most challenging exercises become enjoyable. And with our advanced technology, the therapists can gain in-depth insight into the progress of their clients.

Corpus VR is flexible enough to be used both in clinical settings and remotely, making effective rehabilitation accessible anywhere and at any time.”

Corpus VR technology can be used for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and neurotherapy. But also, corporate clinics, elderly care homes, and hospitals are using it. “By using smart games and sensors that work well with various VR headsets and tablets, we can create a targeted therapy system. It shows results in real-time, and the therapist can adjust the exercises immediately if needed for optimal training levels,” says Kiki.

Regional Winner National Healthcare Innovation Award 2024

In February of this year, Corpus VR also emerged as the regional winner of the Healthcare Innovation Award. This recognition of what Corpus VR has already achieved is naturally very motivating for the enthusiastic team. Kiki says, “We hope that through regional and national attention, even more people will become acquainted with our applications for healthcare.”

The winners of eight regions are now nominated as finalists for the National Healthcare Innovation Award.

What makes Corpus VR unique?

Corpus VR combines two disciplines that don’t always naturally collaborate. This is thanks to founders Kiki Coppelmans and Gert-Jan Brok. Kiki has a background as a psychosomatic physiotherapist. Gert-Jan specializes in the interaction between people and devices (human-computer interaction) and in developing serious games. In Corpus VR, these different worlds are brought together into a synergy that is unique in the market of VR technologies.

What can Corpus VR do for me as a therapist?

Through Virtual Reality, treatments become more effective. Clients are more motivated to stick with the therapy and remain disciplined about it. This leads to faster and better recovery.

It’s quite possible with Virtual Reality to remotely monitor the progress of the client live. This saves you, as a therapist, a significant time investment because physical appointments with clients are less frequent. This means that more clients can be effectively helped within the same time frame.

What can Corpus VR do for me as a patient?

Let’s play to heal! Working on your own recovery has never been so motivating. Corpus VR’s technology is developed in collaboration with therapists, ensuring that the exercises and games are perfectly tailored to your situation. Your therapist can see remotely what your progress is. Knowing this helps you stay committed to practicing. And where necessary, your therapist can further adjust the exercises as needed.

Would you like to use Corpus VR technology? Ask your therapist about the possibilities of purchasing the exercise package together.