Partner highlight: 2M Engineering

In this partner highlight, we are talking with Coen Lauwerijssen, Product Creation / New Business Manager at 2M Engineering.

Q: Hi Coen, can you please give us a short introduction of 2M Engineering and what you do within the company?

2M’s focus is to make life better with smart sensor solutions. We help to realise unique ideas that benefit people with a focus on solutions for industrial, medical and sports applications. We aim to make the best match between the application and technology and work that out to a fully certified solution. We have gained quite some experience over the years with a large number of vital body signs, activity, posture and 3D motion and turn these into ever smaller wearables.

Q: You’re working on several innovative solutions like the Motion Sensing Suit we are working on together now. What do you see as important trends in the market?

There are plenty of research solutions that measure 9DOF motion. Often expensive and complicated to use. Therefore in most cases unsuited for large-scale adaption. As we see a trend of moving care from the hospital to the home having reliable, practical solutions that can objectify and make home rehabilitation fun the Motion Sensing Suit in combination with the inMotion VR platform can be an important next step in realising that.

Q: You have a lot of expertise in the field of sensor technology and focus purely on that market. Can you tell me what differentiates 2M Engineering from its competitors?

These days technology is everywhere, however, to make a difference and turn technology into practical solutions that really meet all requirements requires a highly-skilled, diverse and experienced team. Within 2M we have all the competencies on board to develop today’s innovative solutions including medical device certification, industrialisation and production. We put the application, users and other stakeholders really in the centre of any development and then also find good solutions for any challenge we face. Our strive for quality, teamwork and application focus is what we believe sets us apart and makes us the ideal partner for MedTech product developers and scaleups.

Q: Together we have talked a lot about the value of using Corpus VR in rehabilitation. How do you see this value increasing with sensor technology?

Being able to quantify and qualify movements, being the remote eyes and ears is in our minds essential to improve rehabilitation care and enable home rehabilitation. This is exactly what we aim or with the Motion Sensing Suit.

Q: Why do you think that VR in healthcare makes sense to use?

We simply do not have enough care professionals in the coming years. Therefore we need to think innovation to make a change. Innovations that reduce the workload of care professionals. This will imply that also their role will changes, for sure not disappear! To have people train and rehabilitate at home its a must-have to do that in a quantitative and qualitative way.

Q: Can you tell us why our partnership is important and adds value?

2M is good in sensor hardware, serious gaming is something completely different. We believe that these two competencies are really complementary in the realisation of this solution. This cooperation is what we within 2M are always looking for. Creating win-win for all involved stakeholders. The inMotion VR platform is advanced and quickly allows for adding new functionalities, which enables new concepts to quickly move from research, validation to clinical use. That is what interests us at 2M: seeing these new technologies really benefit people on a large scale.

Q: What would you say to someone who is looking to incorporate any kind of sensor technology in their own VR software, any tips or tricks?

Get the application, use case really clear and try to keep it simple. As 2M we can support with any wearable sensor solution, so get in touch if you want to explore the possibilities in more detail.

Q: What do you see as the biggest challenge in the sensor market in the next 3 years?

None… We focus on realising practical solutions that work accurately and reliably under all conditions. Solutions that are affordable. This is exactly what 2M offers.

Thank you, Coen, for your contribution and we are looking forward to further strengthen our partnership with 2M Engineering in the future.