Partner Highlight: Sense Glove

In this partner highlight we are talking with Johannes Luijten, co-founder of Sense Glove.


Q: Hi Johannes, can you please give us a short introduction of your company?

Johannes: At Sense Glove we see virtual and augmented reality as an enabler for real world applications. Our believe is that providing interactions with objects and persons equal to those in the real world is the only way to fully utilise the potential of VR and AR. That is why we are creating the Sense Glove.

Q: You’re working on several innovative solutions like the Sense Glove. Can you tell me what you do differently than your competitors?

Johannes: The Sense Glove measures the rotation of all joints in the hand and wrist extremely precise. Together with a low latency interface, a realistic representation of the hands is achieved. This enables Sense Glove to become the first in the world to be used as a full physics- based controller for VR and AR. Our unique force feedback system enables the user to feel the density and shape of virtual objects.

Q: Why do you think that VR in healthcare makes sense to use?

Johannes: Virtual Reality has the unique capability to emerge the patient in another world. The patient can be focused completely on one task by canceling out the real-world noise. It’s even possible to reduce the perception of pain. In the rehabilitation of stroke patients, this has the potential to be of great value by accelerating and improving recovery.

Q: Can you tell us why our partnership is important and adds value?

Johannes: The Sense Glove is basically a measurement device that can be used as a Virtual Reality input controller. By implementing the Sense Glove as an input device in your professional Virtual Reality therapy environment, we can help ease big social problems in healthcare. The combination of our two technologies has the potential to bring specialized healthcare to the patient.

Q: Can you tell us something of what kind of other innovations you are currently working on?

Johannes: Sense Glove is currently working on a wide variety of input devices for professional and consumer VR applications. An example is an arm support for patients with reduced muscle strength. The sensors in the arm support can be coupled to VR which will open up numerous applications in, for example, neuro-rehabilitation.