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Corpus VR: The no.1 choice in Virtual Therapy

With Corpus VR, you offer your patients the most complete, cost-effective and enjoyable form of VR therapy. The intelligent combination of gamification and smart sensors and the solution’s compatibility with various VR headsets and tablets create a powerful and flexible therapy ecosystem that shows results in real time and can adjust exercises. The gaming component turns tedious exercises into more enjoyable exercise sessions; because all results are perfectly logged, the administration burden decreases. So overall, you can spend much more quality time with your patient than without the use of VR.

Corpus VR

Corpus VR’s solution is available in two variants: Personal and Pro. The former is suitable for the patient who exercises independently or does his exercises with you from his home. The Pro variant includes the complete package for the professional who assists his patients in the practice or offers him a hybrid form of treatment.

CorpusVR Pro

Corpus VR Pro

The most advanced and complete package for primary care and rehabilitation centers.

With Corpus VR Pro you get the complete package for the professional.

The patient follows the therapy in the VR world, while feedback from sensors is reflected in the dashboard.

The software automatically adjusts the level of difficulty of the training. As a therapist, you can turn the knobs and make exercises more challenging or more accessible. The system also automatically keeps track of the patient’s progress.

Corpus VR Personal

Corpus VR Personal

Exercise independently or in collaboration with your therapist from home.

You can also use Corpus VR at home or at work. Download the app on your smartphone and get all the modules.

Do you train independently? Then the software will automatically determine your level and adjust exercises.

If you work together with a therapist, they will receive all the progress and feedback in the dashboard. This way the therapist can see what’s going on, adjust exercises or prepare new ones for you.

Corpus Connect

With our complete service solution, Corpus Connect, you gain full control of your own VR hardware, but also experience the convenience of automated management. Remotely, we can install, monitor and keep your system and all software up to date for you. For your Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Pico G2 4K, Pico Neo 2 Pro, Pico Neo 3 Pro, Pico Neo 4 Enterprise.

Corpus Connect

Never hassle with IT-maintenance of your Virtual Reality platform again.

Managing the software on your VR hardware can take quite a bit more time than you’d like.

Do you recognize that updates don’t come through immediately, or that you simply have a lot of devices to manage? Corpus Connect supports easily managing your systems by being able to remotely monitor and update all software.

This can be done in-house or with support from us. Either way. You have full control over your own VR hardware but also the convenience of automated management.

Corpus VR Pro License Plans

Like your treatments, our solutions are also a matter of customization. We are happy to advise you personally on how to best help your patients. In doing so, we take into account the application areas of your treatments, your experience in the VR field, the average number of patients you treat, the number of practitioners who want to use the solutions, and so on.


Primary Care
75 from p Set/month
  • Entry package
  • 1 year Subscription
  • Online Support
  • 5GB Storage
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Primary Care
100 from p Set/month
  • Sensor Support
  • 1 year Subscription
  • Online Support
  • 15GB Storage


Rehabilation centers / Hospitals
258 from p set/month
  • Future Proof Hardware
  • Multi year Subscription
  • Priority Support
  • 50GB Storage


Non-Commercial use
217 from p set/month
  • Fit for class usage
  • Multi year Subscription
  • Priority Support
  • 50GB Storage
Prices are ex VAT, subject to change and excludes hardware and startup costs.