The Company

The company behind Corpus VR is inMotion VR. It was founded in 2016, by Kiki Coppelmans and Gert-Jan Brok. Both passionate entrepeneurs with two different backgrounds. Kiki has a background as a professional psychosomatic physical therapist, with more than 23 years experience in that field. And Gert-Jan with a background in human computer interaction and serious game development, he brings more than 25 years experience to the table. And both there passions have merged in inMotion VR to become a pioneering and fast-growing startup in the field of Digital Health.

With our main offices in the Netherlands our mission is to bring the most complete and flexible XR rehab solutions to patients and healthcare professionals worldwide. Our award-winning product Corpus VR, is being used all around the world by physical and occupational therapists, enterprise clinics, hospitals and elderly care homes. We thus truly believe that we can improve healthcare with Virtual Reality in a way that benefits patients AND professionals in all areas. Whether we make therapy more fun and engaging for the patient in VR, or empower the therapist by giving them the tools to engage more with the patient and objectify the data. That’s why we say “Let’s play to heal”. 

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Company Address

Corpus VR is developed by:
inMotion VR B.V.
Helftheuvel 47
5222 AV, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Phone +31 85-888 2166