Corpus VR
Application Areas

Corpus VR applied in: Physical complaints Behavioral complaints Neurological complaints

With Corpus VR you help patients rehabilitate in a fun and innovative way. Works for Physio, Occupational and Neuro therapy.

By using Virtual Reality games and worlds you increase intrinsic motivation, they exercise more often and recover faster.

3 Domains

25+ excercise modules
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CorpusVR Experience Virtual Reality

Domain: Physical complaints

Physical complaints as a result of structural complaints to the musculoskeletal system, (rehabilitation after) joint replacement, injuries and rheumatological disorders (such as rheumatism, fibromylagia).

Corpus VR Personal

Domain: Behavioral complaints

Behavioral complaints such as stress, burnout, coping and overload

Domain: Neurological complaints

Neurological due to congenital disorders, Illness, accident brain injury