Using Corpus VR therapy as a physiotherapist? Why?

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Using Corpus VR therapy as a physiotherapist? Why?

As a physiotherapist, you are passionate about helping clients improve their health and well-being. Virtual Reality, VR therapy can provide you with ways to treat your clients most effectively and provide unique ways to help them move forward. VR for physical therapy exercises can be a valuable addition to your physiotherapy practice and can help you achieve better results for your clients. We will explain it in a bit more detail below.

Benefits of VR therapy in a row:

One of the greatest benefits of exercising in virtual reality is that patients can perform therapeutic exercises in a setting that distracts them from pain and stiffness problems. Because you are not restricted to the “standard” routines, you can design and perform any type of exercise. You can increase patient motivation by providing a variety of exercises in ways that are different from one another because this will make them feel more engaged in the exercises and more committed to the therapeutic objective. In Corpus VR patients can also practice dealing with anxious circumstances in a safe and controlled environment. This is especially helpful with the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. So what are the benefits for the patient?
  1. Improve the motivation to do the exercises
  2. It increases their engagement because of the interactions
  3. They feel connected with the therapy because it is adaptive
  4. It gives focus in a secure and safe virtual environment

Alleviating pain with Corpus VR?

In addition, Corpus VR can also help with reducing pain. Studies have shown that Corpus VR can help reduce pain in patients with chronic pain, as it distracts the client from the pain and helps them focus on therapeutic and physio exercises. This can help clients recover faster and enable them to return to their daily activities faster.

Seeing progress: Measuring = Knowing

Another advantage of Corpus VR physical therapy exercises is that they allow the therapist to monitor and evaluate the patient’s progression in real-time. This can help adapt the VR therapeutic exercises to the client’s individual needs and gain insights into the client’s improvement. This objective data can help you improve making treatment plan decisions and getting the treatment outcomes.

Corpus VR = Valuable add-on

Corpus VR for physical therapy can also be a valuable addition for clients who are difficult to treat or who have a specific condition. For example, clients with brain injuries may benefit from Corpus VR physio exercises aimed at improving their trunk stability and cognitive skills. This is all part of the bio-psychosocial approach of the application and the specific design of the exercises.