Virtual Capital investment will accelerate growth of Corpus VR

‘s-Hertogenbosch July 22, 2022 – Virtual Capital is taking a share in Corpus VR to accelerate the growth of the successful rehabilitation software platform Corpus VR. This way even more people can be helped in their rehabilitation process with the use of Virtual Reality.

The Virtual Reality software helps patients through the rehabilitation process in a fun way. Therefore the vision of inMotion VR is “Let’s play to heal”. With Corpus VR, it aims to radically change the rehabilitation market for physical therapy, behavioral therapy and neurotherapy.

inMotion VR was launched in 2016 by Gert-Jan Brok (24 years of experience in UX Design and Serious Game Industry) and partner Kiki Coppelmans (21 years of experience in Psychosomatic Physiotherapy) to offer a better and automated solution for physical rehabilitation with Virtual Reality. This way, they make therapy smarter, better and faster with a measurably better result for the patient and therapist.

Proven and innovative solution for rehabilitation

The group of investors behind Virtual Capital consists of medical specialists, physiotherapists and medical entrepreneurs who are convinced that Corpus VR is the most efficient, proven and innovative solution that will change the rehabilitation market.

Director René den Admirant of Virtual Capital said:

“We are convinced that Virtual Reality is going to make a big difference to the traditional, manual rehabilitation market. And Corpus VR offers the best solution that is available globally.”

Orthopedist Jan Ide de Jong of Virtual Capital adds: “Corpus VR is a flexible and easy-to-use rehabilitation tool that has been extensively tested by various universities, medical clinics like the St. Maartens Clinic and university hospitals like UZ Ghent and St. Radboud UMC with exceptionally good results.

CEO Gert-Jan Brok of inMotion VR is also extremely enthusiastic about Virtual Capital’s participation. “Not only the financial investment but also the experience and input of the directors will certainly contribute to accelerate the growth of Corpus VR.” Partner Kiki Coppelmans: “With so much medical knowledge available, we can make our product Corpus VR even better. And perhaps more importantly: we can really help more people in their rehabilitation process.

The amount of Virtual Capital’s investment in inMotion VR has not been disclosed.