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Invitation master class on psychosomatics and Virtual Reality

CorpusVR Experience Virtual Reality

Psychosomatic therapists & psychologists are more and more looking at using Virtual Reality (VR) for chronic pain, stress, anxiety & fatigue. VR helps with body awareness, relaxation, cognitive behavioral issues & coping skills. Experience it yourself with a free in-person master class by Corpus VR, led by a VR specialist who’s also a psychosomatic therapist. Learn best practices & get your questions answered. Join the cutting edge of your field!

This workshop is not online, but simply at a central location. During these concise workshops, you will learn to use VR for behavioral complaints, in the areas of therapeutic communication, body awareness and relaxation. All of this will be grounded with a solid theoretical foundation and you’ll learn more about the specific techniques incorporated into the virtual worlds.

You can find the workshop dates in the selection dropdown. We have room for a maximum of 20 people. So sign-up now.

The workshops will be hosted at the Enraf-Nonius Experience Lab.

Softwareweg 7, 3821 BN Amersfoort

Hands-on and practical

Using a VR headset, you’ll experience for yourself the games and environments your patients can experience. And you’ll also explore the dashboard and use of biofeedback, which allows you to customize exercises and monitor your patient’s progress.

What will you discover and do do at the workshop: